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We are excited and grateful that you took the time to visit our site, and we want to welcome you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ to Kingdom Agenda International Ministry. This ministry is the product of many years of prayer, patience, and clear direction from God.

Our hope is that as you browse through this website, you will see something or read something that will create a "Spark" of curiosity to learn more about us. We are committed to the integrity and sound biblical exposition of God's Word.

The heartbeat of this ministry is seeded in two passages of scripture, Matthew 28:19-20 and Ephesians 4:11-12. Both passages instruct the church to prepare its members for Christian service. Therefore, our mission statement is clear: "To Produce Spiritually Mature and Accountable People for Effective Leadership through Christ-Centered Teaching and Good Works".

In the long history of the world, every generation is offered the opportunity to serve well. At KAIM, we do not shy away from this great responsibility, but we welcome it as we welcome you to join us on the journey to greatness in Christ Jesus.

No matter your background, race, social or economic status, there is a place for you in the Kingdom of God, and there is a place for you at Kingdom Agenda International Ministry.

Our prayer is that through our service to the Lord, in some way, we will be able to be a blessing to you or someone you know, and that in this coming New Year, God will birth in your heart a true understanding of His manifold Grace.

We boldly proclaim our ministry theme for the year 2011 - "We are in the Grip of God's Grace".

KAIM is here, and we are glad to finally be able to say "Hello World!"

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